NobelClad is presenting at a technical committee meeting that is open to registered attendees. Please find event details below.

When: March 26, 2019
Where: Nashville Music City Center - Room 207A-B, Nashville, Tennessee
Time: 10:30 – 11:00 AM
Presentation Topic: Large Titanium Clad Pressure Vessels Design, Manufacture, and Fabrication Issues – An Update 15 Years Later
NobelClad Attendees: Edgar Vidal

Presentation Abstract: The 2003 paper “Large Titanium Clad Pressure Vessels Design, Manufacture, and Fabrication Issues”* addressed issues unique to that CPI equipment. Over the subsequent 15 years, a large number of vessels of this type have been constructed and placed into production worldwide. Design, manufacturing and fabrication processes has changed minimally over this time.  Supply change issues have changed dramatically.  Primarily these vessels have been for two industries,  PTA and Hydrometallurgy. Factors which have strongly affected clad equipment for both industries include:

  1. The increased globalization of these industries which has driven a re-orientation of the major stake holders
  2. The vessels have gotten larger, complicating both fabrication and transport
  3. As is expected, there has been increased efforts on behalf of the buyers to commoditize the overall supply chain.

From the clad supply, fabrication and design perspectives these changes have driven significant changes in the industry stakeholders. Many of the older experienced companies who built the industry have been replaced by new emerging companies who are building their own experience. Over the years equipment supply to these industries has depended heavily upon a reliable Quality Culture throughout the supply chain. The success of new projects continues to be highly dependent upon this culture. The evolution of a reliable quality culture has frequently lagged behind the changes. Generally this has been positive for the industry, but in some projects the results have been closer to financial disaster. Case studies of several are addressed in the presentation.



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