An Inside Look at Production Management with Sebastian Geissler

Sebastian ‘Basti’ Geissler is another example of a NobelClad employee working their way into positions with increased responsibility over the course of their career at the company. Basti started in 2006 with the cladding company DynaPlat in Burbach, Germany. When DMC acquired Dynaplat in 2007, Basti became part of the team that would soon be called NobelClad.  He worked his way through the company moving from a skilled worker to shift leader to a research and development technician to planning engineer and is currently the Production Manager at our facility in Liebenscheid, Germany.

“Today as Production Manager I’m on the shop floor regularly and manage the total day. This includes working with our employees in metal assembly, pre-bond and post-bond,” Basti shared. From previous positions within the company, Basti has developed strong relationships with customers and vendors. This proves to be useful as he occasionally assists the sales and R&D teams with orders and projects.

NobelClad’s strength is the experience of the people who have worked in the company for decades. The experienced, expert employees working in each and every facility of the business are key to the success of the company.  “It is not standard to find employees working more than 10 years at a company,” Basti said. “The knowledge our employees add to this company is immense – we have a very strong team.”

Basti is from Germany and many don’t know this, but he is adopted. He has a background in Technical Sales and Electronics and has an appetite for learning. For Basti NobelClad is a “great company, especially when you want to grow into another position. You get the help you need and you get to learn from people with a wealth of knowledge around the globe.”

As a young employee, reading through archives of company and industry leaders like John Banker and Dr. Richter had a huge impact on Basti’s success within the company. Knowledge sharing and continued learning is crucial to NobelClad’s cohesive success on a global level.

In his time away from the plant, Basti enjoys playing guitar and spending time with his 15-month old son and 7 year old daughter. A dream trip for him would be to eventually make it to Alaska, USA for backpacking and camping.


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