marine & defense

Shipbuilders have known for years that explosion welded clad metal can make their lives easier and their designs more elegant. NobelClad structural transition joints are commonly used to join a steel hull and aluminum structure due to superior strength over mechanical fasteners with insulators and isolators. In addition to transition joints, NobelClad offers a growing line of products specifically engineered for marine environments.

Our marine products are finished sub-assembilies ready for shipboard installation. These products allow designers to use a wide range of metals without the issues related to welding incompatibility and crevice corrosion. These custom-engineered products can reduce costs and improve service life. Enhanced reliability may even mean the difference between a component operating properly or failing at a critical time.


  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Lightweight Design
  • Composite Strength & Performance

sample applications

  • Steel to Aluminum Transition Joints for:
    • welding superstructures to decks
    • joining bulkheads to steel hulls
    • fitting shelter decks to steel fishing boats
    • retrofit containers of electronic equipment to steel decks
  • Ship Building Components

related products

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